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Hair candy

Published:Monday | June 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The Candy Mousse. - photos by Rudolph Brown
Daniel Philpotts-Brown applies mousse to naturalist Tawana Johnson's hair as she enjoys the feel and smell of Candy Moisture Mousse.
Tawana Johnson applies some mousse to Daniel Phillpotts-Brown's tresses.

Cathy Risden,  Lifestyle Intern

Make your hair dream a reality, with Candy Moisture Mousse. This new product to hit the hair market is shea butter-based infused with natural, virgin oils such as apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Just under a year since its introduction, this product is here to change the life of many women who are frustrated about finding the right hair moisturiser.

Healthy moist hair is every woman's desire as it makes her more confident. Flair tapped into this new hair product line to assist the DIY hairdressers by speaking with founder and owner of Candy Moisture Mousse Tawana Johnson. A naturalist, she told Flair that the main idea of Candy Moisture Mousse came after receiving countless messages and questions about what she uses to moisturise her natural hair. She realised that the biggest problem females were having, especially ones who were natural, was retaining moisture in their hair. Johnson heard the cries of these women and decided to aid in solving this problem using her entrepreneurial skills. "One day, it just occurred to me that I should try to bottle my own concoction that I had been using for over a year, and see if others would be interested and if it could help them too," she explained to Flair.

The vibrant colours of the mousse, Johnson tells us, this adds to the product's candy theme. The product aims to bring a fun and enjoyable approach to hair care. We all know women are lovers of sweet scented products and the scent goes hand in hand with the colours for that candy-craze appeal. Johnson shares, "One should enjoy using their bottle of CM2, not only for the benefits but for the experience with smell and colours. That is why we refer to it as hair candy."

She continued, excited to tell us about the ingredients of the product. "It is a natural and preservative-free way of moisturising your hair, without the use of harsh chemicals, and especially with the candy theme, it was made for women to enjoy the process of taking care of their hair and consider the product as hair food or hair candy," Johnson said.

perfect for all hair types

Candy Moisture Mousse is perfect for both men and women of all hair types (relaxed, natural, textured, locked or transitioning hair) which is what makes it unique.

Johnson's aim through the Candy Moisture product line is to fulfil the missing gap in hair care by offering an enjoyable approach. "This is a common testament from customers as they genuinely look forward to reapplying the product," Johnson commented.

The young enthused entrepreneur's intention is to expand the line to include skincare. She explained: "I am very big on natural ingredients for hair and skin and so I would like to venture deeper into that area. Also, I would like to eventually have the products in pharmacies and stores all across the island."

Candy Moisture Mousse meets you wherever you are.

Deliveries and meetups are done at central locations such as Half-Way Tree, Cross Roads, New Kingston and Liguanea, and courier services deliver to customers outside of Kingston. To place orders, CM2 can be contacted at Email:, Instagram @candymoisture and Facebook: Candy Moisture. Telephone: 426-4101.

Benefits of CM2

✔ Softens, without weighing down or giving the hair a heavy feeling because the hair naturally absorbs it.

✔ Soothes irritating scalp whether dry, itchy or flaky.

✔ Protects the hair against heat and shields it against UV rays.

✔ Stimulates hair growth.

✔ Promotes healthy hair.

✔ Keeps natural hair twist together.

✔ Gives hair edge a soothing look.

✔ Prevents breakage.