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A case for nannies

Published:Monday | June 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
JD at Play: Two-year-old Jadon poses in his nanny's sunglasses pretending to be a superstar. Young children learn by imagining and doing. Role playing stimulates their imagination while enhancing their social and emotional development. - Contributed

With so many mothers trying to juggle their duties at home and work, they sometimes become overwhelmed, causing them to sublet some of their responsibilities and employ a nanny. This individual will be coming into your home to care for your most prized possession - your child(ren).

Jacqueline Hall-Stewart, director of Angels4U, said. "Though this has been the culture in Jamaica for years - housekeepers acting as nannies - this is not always in the best interest of the child. Plus the amount of work being asked of one person is ridiculous. "As a mother myself who works outside the home and many times I have to do long hours, my children are too precious to leave with someone who has to balance so many tasks, within a limited time. Especially when dealing with a fussy baby, she must be exhausted. This does not allow her to give my child optimum care."

Angels4U is a revolutionary company in the care industry, providing premium, in-home care services. Formed in 2013, the company uses a specialised model in responding to the market demands of home care service delivery. Angels4U offers trained professionals to deal with specific needs - nannies, practical nurses, personal assistants, and housekeepers.

So whether it's a babysitter for date night or a full-time job, an honest, nurturing, competent nanny is the best option for your child(ren). As you search for this ideal nanny, here are some tips to bear in mind:

Decide what you want, make a list

Talk to your partner about what your ideal nanny would be like. Do you want someone older, who is mature and experienced? Would you prefer someone who lives in or out? Is a nanny with a degree in early-childhood education your top choice? Should the nanny hold similar religious beliefs? How computer savvy does she need to be? As you decide what is important to your own family, make a list of these things to observe/discuss in the interview with prospective nannies.

Don't ignore your gut instinct

You may not have proof that something is wrong, but even if there is no obvious reason for being unsure about the potential nanny being interviewed, don't ignore your gut instinct. It is important you like and respect your nanny, so if you're doubtful, it's best to find another option. It can be difficult to know how things are going with your nanny when you're not there to observe.

Be observant

Be reassured it will be clear from your little one whether or not the nanny is working out. Your child and his/her nanny will form a close bond, and this will be evident if your child lights up at the first sight of the nanny. Your child will look forward to the time he/she spends with them if they are warm, caring and patient.

Closely monitor your child

A nanny must keep her eyes on your child at all times to prevent injury, so closely monitor to identify whether proper care is being administered to your precious one. Excessive cell phone and computer use while on the job is forbidden. While children who crawl and are just learning to walk are prone to injuries, suspect abuse if your baby gets hurt in unusual places, like the stomach, cheeks, ears, or thighs.

Also observe the hygiene of your child. If your child often looks unusually unkempt and dirty or always needs changing when you get home, that's a problem. If your little one's caregiver can't take care of the basics, it may be a sign that she's not on the ball when it comes to meeting your child's needs.

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