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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | June 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Clear lessons

1. Promoters would do well to heed the clear lesson from the recent fiasco in Kingston. It goes like this: when you book overseas artistes, keep them away from potent spirits produced in our fair isle - especially the one that is nicknamed 'JB'. Many locals are hooked on it, but they can't even handle it. So it is a bit much to pile it on before the show and expect your artiste to be brilliant onstage.

Exclusive affair

2. Party animals say the term 'all-white' took on a new meaning at the recent exclusive affair up in the hills. Yes, it was like back in the day and a good time was reportedly had by all.

Jobs aplenty

3. Now that the debt has been cleared, some say the politician out west expects to be named to a position. Supporters agree, saying he ought not to be forgotten for he made a significant contribution to the party when it was urgently needed. From the look of things, although late in the day, he need not fret, there are jobs aplenty for the boys.

Quiet Seabed

4. Once upon a time, the Law of the Sea annual meetings generated much excitement and foreign exchange for the Kingston waterfront where its headquarters are located. Nowadays, it seems like the Seabed Authority has gone very quiet; which leads one to question whether it is still functioning as intended.