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Love thy neighbour

Published:Wednesday | June 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! For an elderly and dying priest to be sentenced to 15 years in prison must be a tough one for him and his family. The Gleaner of Sunday June 1, 2014, reported that this priest was found guilty of molesting a teenaged boy at a church some years ago. The analyst would argue that the intention of the cleric was not to harm the lad but to satisfy a thirsty soul. But look at the outcome!

If a book were to be written on this incident, a possible title would be 'The Price of Pleasure'. Possible chapters would include:

  • 'Human Sexuality';
  • 'Pleasure and the Soul';
  • 'Child Abuse'; and
  • 'Breaking One's Trust'

This book would advise neighbours to be careful of where they seek pleasure as the price could be quite high. A man may have a nice fling in an extramarital affair for just $500 and end up losing everything he owns because of that brief moment of indiscretion. Then the begged question: How could I? Pay attention!

We should remember that the world is replete with laws by which we are all expected to abide. Whenever these laws are broken, the whole human race is affected and very serious consequences follow. These consequences are even more serious when laws are infringed in the name of pleasure.

Whenever an act of kindness is about helping others, rather than satisfying a selfish, hidden agenda, the resultant pleasure usually outweighs that act of kindness. Our actions, therefore, should be tempered by a strong desire to help others rather than a desire to satisfy some selfish urges. My mother would often remind her children of the unseen eyes which watch our every move and that one day we would pay "fi roas' and bwile" if we continued to hide and do wrong things.

I recommend that we follow the command to 'love thy neighbour as thyself'. Help someone from the list below and have a stress-free day.


Thanks to these neighbours:

1. Neighbour, St Andrew, for offer of clothing.

2. Neighbour, Andrew, for offering adult diapers to a needy neighbour.

3. Mrs Tod, for donation of clothing for a girl.

4. Neighbour, St Andrew, for offering adult diapers to Jethroe's bedridden wife.

5. Joan, Clarendon, for offering to assist neighbour who needs to do CT scan.

6. Mrs Palmer, for offering a bunk bed to a neighbour.

Opportunities to help

1. Marie, mother of seven, is asking for a queen-size mattress.

2. Andrea, St Catherine, is asking neighbours for a sewing machine or a refrigerator to start a business.

3. Sister Gordon, St Catherine, needs financial assistance for a family member's liver transplant overseas.

4. Paulette, St Andrew, is asking for a bed, a dresser and a stove.

5. Olga, Clarendon, is in need of a sewing machine.

6. Kevoine, Christian family with child in need of food.

7. An unemployed single mother in St Mary does a little farming, and is asking for financial assistance.

8. Peta-gaye, St Andrew, a cancer patient with a six-week-old daughter, is in need of food and has no money to take her child to the clinic.

9. Ms Renford needs help for her son, who has a brain tumor. The doctor has given him a short time to live. It has been very tough on her. She is asking neighbours for financial assistance and prayer to help save Joshua's life.

10. A neighbour from a very poor family is asking for tools to give her son, who has skills in barbering, a start.

To help, please call Silton Townsend at 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to HELLO NEIGHBOUR, C/o 53 Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; email