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Kisko Pop makes a comeback

Published:Thursday | June 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
From left: Imani Smith, Giani Francis and Calseann Burke indulge in their delicious Kisko Pop.
Kisko Pop comes in three different sizes, two of which are pictured here.
Standing upright is a nine-pack of regular-size (66ml) Kisko Pops. At centre are four giant-sized (156ml) ones, and in front are the kids size (20ml) Kisko Freezies.

Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Intern

The original Kisko Pop is back! Remember their snow cone, suck-suck, bag juice and king kong, especially during the summer when the heat is on? They used to be great on any hot day. Well, after being absent from the market for two decades, the popular thirst quencher is back.

The students at Vaz Preparatory school were the first to get a taste of the old favourite when distributors from Chas E. Ramson Limited had their first school sampling of the original Kisko Pop. Children lined up, bursting with anticipation to try one of the 13 new kisko flavours, which are available in three different sizes.

"It tastes good," exclaimed young Ricardo Williams, as he enjoyed the orange crunch flavour. Cruising with blue raspberry-flavoured Pop, Giani Francis told Food, "It tastes really nice."

Vice-principal of Vaz, Glenette Coleman-Wray, was no exception. She had her share of the lemon lime, which she describes as a thirst quencher that is very refreshing. She also noted that it was not too sweet, but just right.

Sugar-free flavour

The original Kisko Pop stands out because of its unique and attractive packaging which captured the eyes and tastes buds of both adults and children. Parents who are health conscious about the amount of sugar that Kisko Pop may contain can rest assured. There is a sugar-free flavour that is just as good.

Decades ago, Kisko Pops were all the rage until the founders and owners, Ameen and Glenor Josephs, migrated to Toronto, Canada, in the 1990s. Now, they are sending the Jamaican legacy back home. President of Kisko Products, Mark Josephs, told Food, "I am excited that Kisko Pops are coming back home to Jamaica after several years of being off the market. We reacquired the Kisko brand and look forward to providing Jamaicans with the great flavours, taste and product innovation that we have provided to the North American market. We are excited to work with Chas E. Ramson Ltd and look forward to bringing a smile to our consumers' faces."

Photos by Cathy Risden