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Crawford broke oath of office

Published:Friday | June 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In referring to his political opponents as "dutty Labourites", Junior Minister Damion Crawford exposed himself as totally unsuitable to be a minister of Government.

Mr Crawford took an oath to serve the people of Jamaica. That oath, which includes "I will conscientiously and impartially discharge my responsibilities to the people of Jamaica. So help me God," imposes on Mr Crawford a responsibility to give loyal, dedicated, honest and trustworthy service to all the people of Jamaica, be they Labourites, Comrades, or independents.

It is, therefore, rude and inelegant for Mr Crawford to use expressions insulting to his political opponents.

Our system of democracy can only survive if those holding opposing views, or belonging to opposing parties, are prepared to tolerate one another.

Each party should respect the views of the other and should not seek to humiliate, embarrass or belittle the other side just because they do not share similar views. The behaviour of Mr Crawford is insultive, divisive and arrogant.

His continuing as a minister is untenable. He should go.