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UWI available, but not accessible

Published:Saturday | June 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, revealed that there will be an increase in the tuition yet again.

The members of the Jamaican populace who pride themselves on attaining a tertiary-level education will now be forced to dig deeper in their pockets for a degree.

This leads us to wonder if education is really just for the rich. Are we slipping back to the days of colonialism when only the fortunate were educated? Currently, all the less fortunate of society can do is apply for a student loan, or rather a debt sentence. It's a loan that will inevitably molest one's pay cheque for years after getting a degree - IF that person can even get a job.

We pride ourselves on having a variety of tertiary-level institutions, but when the tuition fees are going on an upward march and the salary for the common man is in a state of stagnation, what message is the university sending? What message is the Government sending? It seems as if economic development is merely a myth in the eyes of the Government.

The number of uneducated adolescent males will increase. I wonder how many will struggle to pave their way to higher education, versus the amount that will travel down the seemingly easier path of crime.

UWI's glorious campus stands tall at Mona, available for anyone to walk through its gates, but how many can afford to walk out with a degree?


Gregory Park, St Catherine