Thu | Dec 2, 2021

Gay revenge models heterosexual bigotry

Published:Saturday | June 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Let me first say that, as a society, we need to be compassionate to every group of people. The gay community is no different, whether we approve of their lifestyle or not.

As a society, we have been unkind, violent and downright vicious towards gays. Until now, their right to free speech was taken away. But the tables have turned; now the community is slowly gaining a voice in Jamaica.

But there seems to be a disturbing trend emanating from gay-rights advocates. Their attitude seems to be to treat people the way they were treated - with intimidation and revenge. The community has been aggressive to anyone who doesn't share its views. Now anyone who gives a dissenting voice about the lifestyle is attacked and stripped of the most fundamental right to free speech.

Are they not demoting the very right that you are fighting so hard to get? I don't have to agree to any agenda. And my first right as a citizen is that I have the freedom to say so.

When that right of free speech is taken away on either side, we are treading down a slippery slope.


Brooklyn, New York