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Great Huts Resort to host Jamaican Arts Odyssey

Published:Sunday | June 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A canopied bed in the 'meadow' at Great Huts, Boston, Portland, for outdoor romance, perhaps.
The lion roars atop the 'African Sunrise' hut at Great Huts, Boston, Portland.-Photos by Paul Williams

Located in Boston, Portland, just five minutes from the Boston Jerk Centre, Great Huts Resort is an African-themed, eco-friendly retreat that features cliffs, a beach, and lush greenery in which visitors can listen to the birds and commune with nature. Situated among the trees in a sort of semi-tropical rainforest setting are a number of rustic yet artfully designed huts.

For the past few years, Great Huts Resort has been hosting the Jamaican Art Odyssey to expose new and returning participants to the 'Jamaica school of art', which encompasses galleries, museums and studios. This year, the odyssey will run from June 28 to July 7.

In addition to tours of the gallery, museum and studio tours, workshops will be held at Great Huts' beautiful natural setting, filled with stimulating ethnic art.

This year, the course director is Dr Paul Rhodes, the owner and designer of Great Huts, who has created a two-track programme to encompass artists, artisans, art lovers and buyers.


The first track is for art lovers and buyers who will be taken on trips to museums, galleries and studios to view works of art, and to see the artists at work and interact with them. The cost for this track is US$1,200 (airfare not included). Track one participants will spend the first night in Kingston at the Spanish Court Hotel to attend the opening ceremony, get breakfast and economical accommodations at Great Huts, and be transported to all the Arts Odyssey destinations.

Track two, designed specifically for artists, costs US$1,100. They will interact to create unique Afrocentric works of art. Established artists interested in learning more about Afrocentric and Jamaican art are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity. They will spend time creating collaborative or individual art in various media. The mentors for the artists are Nakazzi Hutchinson, Mazola Wa Mwashighadi and Larry Poncho Brown, who will host the workshops.

Participants in track two will collaborate with other Afrocentric artists dedicated to honouring the ancestors through their work; have their completed artwork displayed and put on sale on the last day of the programme; have the option to return home with any artwork created or display unsold artwork in St Andrew's Grosvenor Gallery; get art supplies, and donate 20 per cent of sale proceeds to the Portland Rehabilitation Management Centre in Port Antonio.

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