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Published:Sunday | June 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


It Can Happen to Us

I watch you sipping your coffee, sitting in your favorite big chair.

While I read the Sunday Gleaner with my hand laid upon my head.

You catch me, smile at me and blow a kiss.

I smile at you, thinking of how you're so clueless.

My mind goes back to the time we just met.

You were thirteen, I was twelve.

Young love they called it, that it made no sense.

But they just didn't know how much we felt.

We took it step at a time; we made no rush at it,

Holding hands we did, never thought about a kiss.

It was my sixteenth birthday; you and all my friends went out.

You called me by the oak tree said there was something we had to talk about.

A liar you were, but you lied in a good way.

You leaned onto me and made my day.

That passionate kiss, that fiery kiss you gave sent an electric feeling from my toes to my head.

Engagement, Marriage here we are today.

Living in a world, where divorces happen every day.

We fight, we quarrel, and we reason and make love.

Not knowing that one day that divorce can happen to us.

- Cheyenne Taylor


Try to flourish into something new each day, for if one continues to


He/She will eventually lose their way! Focus on growth

and self instead of the world! For the concept of this society will only

paint you a frown! Approach each day with the mindset for success,

and only giving each component of your day the very best!

Failure is inevitable! Yet not the end! Its a break for us to review the what,

where and when! For the concept can be of class, but the approach is off,

don't let giving up be your every default! Every one can shine and be on top,

it just takes a lot of hard work and doing it non-stop! Just believe in yourself

and be humble as you go! Many climbed the ladder but hype brought them

down! Never rush and change character! Remain true humble and determined

to the end and greatness will be your daily TREND!

- Adrian Allwood

To Maya Angelou

You gave us uncaged voices to sing the songs of righteousness,

and redemptions for generations to come.

Your melody so profound, speaks to every vein in our bodies.

No cage could ever silence your will.

Indeed the "word is mightier than the sword".

You inspired and gave us wings to soar the unthinkable heights.

Your journeys travelled well, your time well spent.

You remain our guiding light yesterday, today for generations.

- Newlyn (Neil) Seaton

Teen mom

Me, my baby and this crime,

building woes against me here

a child, bearing a child - a child to a child

mothering the child with no hope, no saving


no light no rays in sight

16 years and a baby, the penalty of

being too cute

16, and a child, life's cruelty for making me


A dream slipped coldly out of reach

fading, with each fading speech -

Trevone, Nick and Robert, gone ...

No comfort zone no longer a home

no answer in these streets I roam

tears of shame and prayers of pain

16 and alone, suffering a crime for

for being so blind, pregnant for a 49,

a prospect lost, and baby to mind.

-Homer Sylvester

For Jordan

I can't help myself as I watch you sleep but steal a gentle touch.

I may wake you but you must know right now that your mommy loves you so much.

A simple touch leaves me insatiable, maybe a kiss will satisfy.

I know that I can't hold you forever but right now I'm willing to try.

There is nothing or no one I envy when in deep slumber you reach for me.

I have God's best right here in my arms, loving me to infinity.

You are not a task but a pleasure to raise; an honour on me bestowed.

Your happiness is my mission until my eyes are forever closed.

Patty-Gay Jones