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Jamaica needs men with backbone to lead revolution

Published:Monday | June 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Steve Lyston
Youth for Life, a group of Christian youths drawn mainly from the Roman Catholic Church, march against abortion along Constant Spring Road in St Andrew earlier this year. The nation's Parliament is set to debate various proposals on abortion, an issue to which the Catholic Church is firmly opposed. - Junior Dowie/Staff Photographer

By Steve Lyston

Each day, we realise that many of the national leaders around the globe seemed to have a vision for their nation - but without the people. Jesus showed us that building the people is the most important factor in order to build nations. He took untrained, uneducated men and transformed them into world changers.

When the building of roads, a skyscraper and human sexuality become the number one vision for a nation, then there is a serious crisis. When billions are being spent to open abortion clinics, while they fail to spend it on education, then you know we have a problem. Abortion, spiritual or natural, is the number one cause of the global crisis we are now facing.

Many of the good politicians that had a vision to make significant changes never made them. They were wiped out because of abortion.

We are now seeing a major attack on our boys as a ploy to wipe them out because of their purpose. Why not empower our boys? Many of them have within them solutions for our problems. So many speak about women and children, but the boys are being neglected. All that is being done is the building of more prisons.

God created man to rule and to lead. What the political scene needs are real men with backbone to stand up and do what they have been purposed to do.

Everything has purpose

Everything God created has a purpose. You have been created with a purpose and a mind to accomplish greatness. No human mind should be wasted. Remember that no one can fulfil your purpose for you. Your purpose is greater than going to church to warm the bench as usual. Likewise, the church's purpose is not to focus on erecting buildings as a part of the 'pretty building competition', it is to empower and build the people - that is primary. The building is a secondary issue (Matthew 28: 18 - 20; Luke 4: 18 - 19).

When the church fails to do that, then we have all manner of 'rights' groups with wrong motives rising up to deal with issues that would have been handled by the people if they had been built up and empowered.

The reason you are alive and have survived stillbirth, abortion, accidents, rape, robbery and miscarriage is to fulfil a purpose. Everything that happens to your life - good or bad - is a key to your life's purpose.

Some of the scientists, inventors, and those who are considered great men - whether or not they believed more in the creation than in our Creator - they fulfilled a purpose God had for them. Today, we are beneficiaries of their fulfilled purposes.

In days gone by, there were physical efforts by leaders at all levels to do more to bring positive change. Today, in light of technology, they see no need to make an effort to bring change to a nation's situation. They sit back, press buttons and push paper, and they make no move to go out physically to see and know what is happening within or to their nation, unless it is 'press-worthy' to do so; or for deriving personal pleasure.

The moment God created us, He put our dreams, visions and assignment - as well as the path we must walk, and even the people who are to be around us - within and around us in order for us to be great. Now, remember that the devil tries to imitate everything God does, so he puts around us the wrong people, influences us to think the wrong way, and even to marry the wrong person; and wrong decisions give rise to other wrong decisions being made.

You can't discover your purpose by working two jobs for survival. In a case like that, you will become spiritually bankrupt. Spiritual bankruptcy comes about when we fail to get into God's presence. Whether you believe it or not, whatever you spend time with most often, you become just like that. Nations are now refusing the good things that would bring about positive changes and instead embrace and support those things that do not. All they seem to do is borrow loans as an alternative when God wants us to be debt-free. When we are not debt-free, the lender dictates the terms, policies, how, where, when and what we do and can impose their own beliefs on the borrowers. When we are debt-free, we are truly free.