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Gleaner Grew me - Youth: Brian Walker of St. Andrew

Published:Monday | June 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Joerio Scott,Gleaner Writer

First-year student at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication, 19-year-old Brian Walker, notes the fact that for him The Gleaner is a necessity. "As a budding journalist I read The Gleaner every-day. My mornings begin with the online edition via a smart device at hand. I check the headlines firstly to have an idea of what's going on around me; then news, sports, business and lifestyle."

Walker's morning of skimming the headlines via the Internet is only the beginning of his daily interface with The Gleaner. "I relish reading the physical copy in the evenings when my mother brings the paper home from work." The avid reader stated, "I just ensure that I have the sections with my favourite columnists."

"Daniel Thwaites ... he is very witty and pointed in his approach to social issues and similarly the Rev Devon Dick," the young journalist remarked.

Beginning of a love affair

In commenting on the various age-appropriate offerings of The Gleaner, Walker remembered how he started off loving his newspaper of choice. "Basically, it started off with the Children's Own in grade one at Sts Peter and Paul (Preparatory School). Later when I was on the quiz team, my teammates and I had to read The Gleaner and cut out photos of local and international public figures to create our study charts; how else could we win?"

Being brought up in a household of Gleaner readers is probably a contributing factor to the prejudice which he admits to unwaveringly. "What is remarkable is that the 180-year-old company has weathered the waning of print media and maintains its relevance in day-to-day life by mirroring society especially the well-researched and riveting editions of The Sunday Gleaner."