Sat | Jun 12, 2021

Must we always blame our teachers?

Published:Friday | June 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to a recent article titled 'Who holds our teachers accountable?' by Jaevion Nelson in The Gleaner of Thursday, June 12, 2014. I was most horrified to discover that after Mr Nelson presented statistics confirming the woeful underperformance of many secondary students, he proceeded to rebuke our teachers for this debacle. Certainly, he questioned the work of the education ministry and local school boards and hinted at their quasi-responsibility for this occasion. However, he failed to balance the direction of his interrogatives and so the most potent question mark hangs over the heads of our teachers.

I have been in the classroom long enough to know that teachers are not entirely responsible for the substandard performance of students. Many students have personally imposed mental blocks against learning. Consequently, even the most regaling instructional methods and desirable incentives can do very little, if anything, to reform their stubborn indifference.

Sadly, there are so many of our students who have deluded themselves and gullible members of society into believing that their teachers have failed them. In fact, they are the ones who have conspired against their own success.

Let us remind our students of the great responsibility they must bear for their own learning. Let us also remind the parents of the support they must provide outside of the classroom.

Teachers cannot be castigated for the continued unsatisfactory performance of students who have no desire for learning.


Songyuan, China