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Published:Friday | June 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Cecil Heslop
Dexter Webb
Oliver Morris
Keno Parchment

Who will win today's games?

Cecil Heslop: I feel that Cameroon will prevail by even a 1-0. Samuel Eto'o is a seasoned footballer with a lot of quality. For the Spain vs Holland game, I give Holland the edge, 3-2. Chile and Australia are two underdog sides, I give Chile the edge. They will win 2-0.

Dexter Webb: I don't really know the players but I know the teams and I think Mexico will beat Cameroon 2-0. Spain will definitely beat Netherlands about 3-1. Australia should beat Chile 2-1.

Oliver Morris: I expect the game between the defending World Cup champions Spain and Netherlands to be tough. It will be a 2-2 draw. Mexico will beat Cameroon 2-1 and in the other game, Chile will beat Australia 3-0.

Keno Parchment: Cameroon will win of course 2-1. Spain and Netherlands, that match is tough but my prediction is a draw 1-1. Chile is the better team so they will beat Australia about 1-0.