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Mexican Embassy comes alive with World Cup win

Published:Saturday | June 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Martin Baxter, Gleaner Writer

IN THE penthouse of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica Building on Trafalgar Road in St Andrew, members of the Mexican Embassy gathered around a flat-screen TV strategically positioned next to a window that offers views overlooking Kingston and beyond.

A coffee table filled with a selection of tortilla chips and other snacks lay untouched as The Gleaner's hosts were too fixated on watching their home country take on Cameroon in the second Group A game in Brazil's Esatdio das Dunas in Natal.

Cries of "Vamos!" preceded an 11th-minute opportunity for Mexico to open the scoring, but a raised flag from the linesman signalled offside, much to the displeasure of Mexican Ambassador Gerado Lozano, who remained cross-legged and pensive throughout play.

Rallying the troops

The ambassador's wife, Maria Lozano arrived with 20 minutes remaining in the first half, with a Mexican flag and 'vuvuzela' in tow that was sounded at every opportunity to rally her Mexican troops.

Half-time provided The Gleaner with the opportunity to sample some traditional Mexican food as tacos were offered to all guests. Two types of corn wraps with thin slithers of chicken and sprinkles of Parmesan cheese, salsa, and refried beans dressed this Mexican delight.

A quarter of an hour after the second half of the game had begun, the growing frustration was broken by a member of staff who orchestrated a chorus of celebratory chanting in the quaint Mexican Embassy.

As heavy showers battered those playing at the Estadio das Dunas, the afternoon sun in New Kingston illuminated the faces inside the embassy after their countrymen secured a one nil win and three crucial points against a struggling Central African side.

"This is a very good result for the Mexican team," Lozano told The Gleaner.

"Mexico, like all countries in our region, needs good news, and I think that this is very good news and I am sure that this afternoon, people will go to the streets to celebrate this result."