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TAJ website flaws hinder easy collection

Published:Saturday | June 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

When trying to pay for three traffic fines through the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) online portal, I continuously received error messages. Upon visiting their offices, I was advised that there are times that the relevant traffic authorities do not upload the information to the TAJ's system to facilitate an online payment and that I should be patient.

The representative was, however, quick to ask if the deadline for the tickets was past due, therefore making me unable to pay for the tickets during my visit to the office.

Here lies Problem No. 1. The TAJ supposedly provides a convenient method of payment that clearly isn't convenient at all if I had to visit the office.

The representative's question is also key and brings me to Problem No. 2. After several visits to the TAJ website and its affiliates hoping that the information about the ticket and/or payment was uploaded, I was left continuously disappointed. This even after the tickets were paid in full. Answers from the TAJ around my queries remain unanswered.

I posit that the announcement made by the authorities around the increases in traffic fines may not necessarily reduce the incidence of violations or improve the coffers of the Government's purse. This is as a result of flawed government processes and a deficient payment system.