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I love my dad because ...

Published:Sunday | June 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Adrian and his dad Lenworth.
Delano and dad
Dr Becker and his children Aiyanna and Ceiber.
Hilary and dad.
Janelle Pantry and dad Kent
le Pantry and dad Kent
Jeanette and her dad Roderick.
Jeanette and dad (third and fourth left) with family.
Jenson Sylvester with his dad Ken.
Karen Lanigan and dad, Rolf Lanigan.
Sutanya Chedda and her father.
Baby Sutanya Chedda and her father.
Trisha Williams-Singh and her dad Harold.
  • Trisha Williams-Singh, Senior corporate relations manager, Digicel

I get very emotional each time I speak about my dad, Harold. I love him so much because, when I am alone and I look in the mirror, I see my dad. We share similar personalities - high energy, passionate, enjoys a party - yes, he loves to dance, and now that he is retired, spends most Sundays listening to music.

My dad made the ultimate sacrifice in leaving the country he loves so much in the '80s to pursue a better life for his children. He was determined to do whatever it took to provide financially so we could pursue whatever we wanted. At home, he was very supportive to my mom, and it was always clear that she was in charge and he supported any decision she made. My dad demonstrated unconditional love to all his children even though I have always felt I was his favourite (big smile).

The greatest moment with my dad was not the day he walked me down the aisle, but the day we travelled to New York together. The trip began with us boarding Air Jamaica Express from Tinson Pen aerodrome to Sangster International Airport, where I was the purser on Air Jamaica's flight JM 011 to New York. My dad had scheduled his flight to travel with me. He was seated in economy and no one knew he was my father. As the passengers were disembarking in New York, they were hugging me and saying, 'Your dad loves you!' I was later told that, each time I made an announcement on the flight, he would say, 'That's my daughter'. That was a clear indication of how proud he was of me, and it has always been the way he treated me. He has demonstrated that love for me over and over. From him, I learnt unconditional love.

  • Janelle Pantry, Managing director, SPACES

What I love about my father, and have only come to appreciate in recent years, is his unwavering support and encouragement. My father is my number-one fan. He has always quietly supported me in my life, every step of the way. He has cultivated in me the values of hard work and integrity. From him, I have learnt that your career should not be about the pay cheque, but should be a field that you are passionate about. Over the years, I have watched with pride his careful attention to detail and zeal when preparing a case or a lecture for his law students. Through his example, I have chosen to chart a path that I am passionate about as an entrepreneur. I'm truly, truly, blessed to have a father like him, and I love him with all my heart.

  • Delano Seiveright, Director, PRetc

I love my dad because he instilled in us (five in total) strong values and attitudes, including the importance of manners and a sound education. He always ensured that we respected ourselves and others. He cautioned us about getting involved with the 'wrong company' and encouraged us to strive for excellence. He is a very hard-working, humble and selfless human being, and did an amazing job by being there for us all the time, even to this day. My four sisters live abroad and he sees them from time to time, and he also takes the time to care for his grandson.

  • Jeanette Lewis, Communications managerColumbus
    Communications (Flow)

I love my dad,
Roderick, because of his unconditional love for me and all his children
and grandchildren. I love him for his patience and understanding, his
modesty and integrity, and always being there for me through good and
challenging times.

Even when I think that I don't want
or need to reach out for assistance, he is always there, quietly in the
background, waiting for me to hold out my hand. My dad always has an
encouraging word and is never judgemental. When a few days pass and he
does not hear from me, he will call just to check up on me. He is a fine
example of how a man should treat and take care of his family, and how
to be a good friend. I love Daddy for being an example to his daughters
and granddaughters of the high standard we should always seek in our own

  • Jenson
    Sylvester, Director, government and
    strategic accountsColumbus Business

Many people go through life
without a father figure, but I have been extremely fortunate to not only
have a father figure in my life, but one that has been a dad, friend,
confidant, mentor, my strongest critic and staunchest supporter. I love
my dad, Ken Sylvester, because he has always been there guiding me,
picking me up when I fall, and being tough on me when I wasn't
fulfilling my potential - always challenging me to be a better man. I am
about to be a father to my first son and I can only hope to pass on to
him the values that were taught to me. For all of this, I say thanks,
Dad. Happy Father's Day.

  • Karen
    Lanigan, General manager, Couples Swept

I love my dad, Rolf
Lanigan, for the guidance he gave me growing up - teaching me that hard
work, honesty, integrity, patience and being understanding of others is
very important. He taught me that, in the workplace, you should try and
develop others, look for what is good in them, and in the areas that
needs improvement, to guide them through it, because everyone has
different talents, but we can develop our areas of weakness through
training and leadership. One of his favourite sayings to me was, 'brain
in gear, mouth in neutral'. In other words, think before speaking (I was
the chatty one in the family).

The unconditional love
he has for his entire family is amazing. He has taught me what is
important in life and the meaning of family, to love them no matter
what, they are the ones that will be by your side through the good and
bad times. Love you,

  • Adrian


I love my dad because he
has been my support system, motivator, and he embodies the
characteristics of the man I aspire to be.

  • Sutanya Chedda

I love my
dad because he is selfless, patient and supportive. He is also a great
husband - just ask my mom! My dad would sacrifice everything for his
family and that's why he's the best!

  • Hillary

I love my dad
because he is a great example of how to live your life. Dad and I
understand each other and, as such, we know how to tap into each other's
personalities. He is one of my best friends and I am Daddy's little

  • Dr Heinz-Peter

He has been a consistent source of
strength and inspiration to me, making me the father I am today. Cicero
wrote: 'Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of
all the others' - I am, and always will be, grateful. Happy Father's
Day, Dad!