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The best advice my dad ever gave me

Published:Sunday | June 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Khan and dad. - Contributed
Dave DaSilva Jr (left) and his dad Dave DaSilva. - Photo by Cathy Risden
Christopher Levy (left) and his dad Robert. - Contributed
Nigel Clarke (left) and his father. - Contributed
Richard and Rory-Craig Walker. - Contributed
Wavell Hinds - Contributed

Fathers are a source of wisdom and, as parents, it is their job to advise their children in making the right decisions in life. As we celebrate Father's Day, our readers share some of the best advice they have received from their fathers.The best advice my father has ever given me is: 'What makes you a man is not how many times you fall, but the number of times you get back up'. - Rory-Craig Walker

The best advice my father gave me is that, by loving and respecting my wife, I would be setting the best example for our children while they are growing up. - - Christopher Levy

Do not lie. This advice came not through a sit-down talk, but through beatings and punishment. I was caught kissing the next door neighbour's daughter (at about age three or four) and when he questioned me about it, I lied and said I wasn't kissing any girl. He punished me and he made sure I knew why. It wasn't because I was kissing a girl, it was because I lied. -  Cory Anderson
The best advice my dad ever gave me was that, at all times, I should be an independent thinker and live my life through my own convictions. It has helped me immensely in my unwavering decision-making practices and has remained with me through every obstacle, challenge, celebration and joy in my life. His advice is something which I believe my own children can learn from and live by and, as such, it is something I instil in them when they need advice. -- Wavell Hinds
Anything you do, give it your best shot. -- Dave DaSilva

My dad has given me many pieces of advice, but the best is that little people will always get big. He meant it two ways and, in fact, when he first said it to me, it was supposed to help me enjoy my youth. He was saying that I would eventually grow old, so no need to 'run down age'. However, that statement has manifested itself in the business aspect of my life. You start out your business small and build yourself up. Thus, this statement has followed me through my life. - - Andrew Khan
The best thing my father, Derrick, ever taught me is the importance of discipline and to always remain humble in everything that I do in life. He also taught me the importance of family and remains one of my very best friends and role models. These traits are traits that I have adopted as a father with my own children and family. -- Nigel Clarke, government accounts manager, Lime