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Not a lot is done to honour the fathers

Published:Monday | June 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Peter Phillips (right) adjusts the tie of his son, Mikael, also a member of parliament. - File

Steve Lyston, Contributor

It is significantly clear that when Father's Day comes around, not as much effort and excitement are generated in comparison to Mother's Day. Not a lot is done to honour the fathers.

The role of a father is so important that regardless of what status they hold, how much money we acquire, what we attain in life and how much we achieve - everyone deeply desires and, to some extent, needs the love of and relationship with a father.

The state of politics, businesses and other areas of leadership is as a result of the absence of good fathers in their lives. Many of them have grown up without a father. But most of them were given the family name in order to hide the embarrassment. Today, there are even great leaders who are hurt as a result of the absence of their fathers. Paul outlined in I Corinthians 15 that there are many instructors but not many fathers.

Good fathers motivate and challenge their children to excel to the highest level. They make the difference in the lives of their children and this carries a lifelong impact. This was the example set by our heavenly father.

Good fathers willingly sacrifice. Again, our Heavenly Father exemplified this action when He sent his Son to lay His life down for us - a sacrifice.

A good father leaves a legacy for his children (Spiritually or naturally).

A good father takes time out to listen to his children.

A good father teaches his children about honour and respect for man and God.

A good father prays for his children and speaks positively over their lives; even in times of struggle. (I Samuel 12: 23; Proverbs 18: 22)

A good father does not compromise and teaches his children the truth.

A good father knows that the only real truth in this world is in the Bible and that alone sets the standard for morality and righteousness.

A good father is serious about who their children marry because they want to ensure that the legacy remains within the family. They know that if their children marry the wrong person, that legacy and all the hard work they put in to acquire the spiritual and physical wealth will be destroyed. (Genesis 24: 1 - 5; Deuteronomy 7: 3 - 4)

A good father works hard to give his children a solid education, even when he himself didn't have one. They will put themselves aside to ensure that their children receive that.

Believe it or not, there are many fathers today who actually do all this.

The father as the head and authority within the family is so important that there are many devices and schemes in this world to get them destabilised, demotivated and shifted out of position. Once they are shifted out of position, the family is left open to the elements - spiritual, emotional and even physical brokenness - as a result, gambling, pornography, promiscuity, drug abuse and anger, among other negative issues, become commonplace and take the front seat, leaving the family to fight without the covering of the father.

A father's blessing is so important that it can change the destiny of his children. A good father blesses his children publicly and particularly at life-changing points in the lives of his children. (Matthew 3: 17; Matthew 17: 5 and II Peter 1: 17 - 18) They should be there at the christening of their own children, at their children's graduation, baptism and wedding. They should be present at the birth of each grandchild - as long as they are alive.

Importance of a father's blessing

Whether spiritually or biologically, most people suffer because they have not received the blessing of their father. The blessings of a father transfer the legacy to his children.

If all the successful fathers begin to speak words of blessings upon their children and the children within the community, especially those who are fatherless, then we will see curses broken and we will see change. People will begin to fulfil their purpose and walk into their destiny. Some say there needs to be more women in politics; but what is truly needed are more fathers.

There are still good fathers out there and they need to be celebrated. The focus of a Father's Day should not be to promote it less because bad fathers exist, but to promote the fathers who do stay around and do a good job. There are good fathers who make the sacrifices necessary to see their families succeed and do well. Let them know that they are appreciated and loved and don't rob them of experiencing that joy - the good ones deserve it.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.