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UNDERNEATH IT ALL - Young professionals double to a life of fitness

Published:Monday | June 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
( L - R ) Clifton Lee, Dr Krystan Hosein, Dwayne Walker
( L - R )Clifton Lee, Dr Krystan Hosein, Dwayne Walker
Dr Krystan Hosein
Dr Krystan Hosein
Dr Krystan Hosein
Dwayne Walker
Dwayne Walker
Dwayne Walker
Clifton Lee
Clifton Lee
Clifton Lee

Dr Krystan Hosein - Field of interest: Medicine

ewly appointed medical doctor Krystan Hosein has made it his life's mission to keep himself and those around him healthy. Born in the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the man of many talents spent his childhood years between the United States of America and Trinidad, where he excelled in the sporting arena. His return to Trinidad led to him successfully completing his high-school education, journeying to university to pursue his bachelor's degree in biology at the young age of 16. It was there that he embarked on the wonderful journey of fitness. In med school, he took 'gyming' to a whole new level and began to tackle motivational speaking as well. With two awesomely perfect parents who have provided him with great genetics, he has used his frame for moulding his very own masterpiece. Get to know Krystan, medical student by day and gym rogue at night.

Flair (FL): How do you balance your fitness life at the gym with your hectic work schedule?

Krystan Hosein (KH): "If you want something, you'll make the time for it." The key for me was planning. Planning my gym times, and my study times was one of the keys to my success. It came to a point where it was not possible for me to study without a workout. The balance was perfect and they complement each other. Workouts just had to be done and that was the final word. I even made my way to the gym the day before my MBBS final exams. People would ask me, "Don't you have to study?" I would answer them and say, "I don't miss days! I've got to get those gains!"

FL: What do other professionals (in your area) have to say about your fitness hobby?

KH: My profession is that of 'brainiacs' and brilliant sparks of which most don't understand my obsession. They all want it, but they generally say: "I don't have the time", or "I have got to focus on my schoolwork." They say that I am obsessed and have an eating disorder because I diet so hard. They call me a fitness freak and a health fanatic.

FL: Give us some of the tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy sculpted body.

KH: There are three basic things I always say for success: belief, consistency and planning. Just like success in any other thing that we do, keeping fit and a sculptured body requires the same approach. Some other tips are 87 per cent of the work is done outside the gym, in what we eat. Diet is the core of fitness and keeping your body sculpted.

FL: Share with us a few of the comments that you get when girls see you topless.

KH: "Wow, he's sexy," "Look at his abs," "Stop tempting me" and "I can't manage this".

FL: And when they find out your actual profession?

KH: "How do you do it?"

"You are different from most medical students or doctors."

"Where do you find the time?"

"Sexy and smart, hmmm ..."

Clifton Lee - Field of interest: Actuarial Science

As a kid growing up, track and field was Clifton Lee's passion, but it was not until he got seriously injured, due to the negative external influences of a gang fight in high school, and was hospitalised for six months that he found out that it was more health and fitness that he loved and not so much the track.

Lying in the hospital wondering when he was going to get better placed him in a do-or-die mental state. "Struggling to recover and hearing the doctors saying I would not be able to walk, let alone run again, came as a shock for me, so much that tears began to run down my face," he shares. Later that evening, his aunt visited and gifted him with the book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. After reading the book, he was motivated to prove everyone wrong and leave the hospital walking tall.

"Seeing the path I had to take to get back on my feet and have that healthy feeling again gave me the push I needed to start my transformation. A simple discipline every single day - easy to do but easy not to do," Lee tells Flair.

He continues, "Some people would be discouraged by the injury I got and give up on their dreams, but I am glad that it happened to me. For now, I can truly motivate anyone who has fallen that, with the right philosophy, anything is possible."

Let's take some time to get to know Clifton Lee, an actuarial science student by day and a gym buff after.

Flair (FL): How do you balance your fitness life at the gym with your hectic work schedules?

Clifton Lee (CL): I do it by performing The Slight Edge, doing the little things that are easy to do over and over again until the compound effect kicks in. You can know exactly what I am talking about by reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

FL: What do other professionals (in your area) have to say about your fitness hobby?

CL: Other actuarial science students would often puzzle over the fact that I am able to perform as well as I do in school and be able to reach a level of fitness above the average. It has always been recommended when doing actuarial science not to engage in other time-consuming activities, but for me, I don't want to be average. I want my name to live long after I have passed. I want to become a legend.

FL: Give us some of the tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy, sculpted body.

CL: The first and most important tip of them all is the power of belief. You have to mentally believe that you can accomplish what you want, because if you don't believe it, you will never achieve it. Second, have a burning desire to achieve your goal. This is important because you will get distracted and discouraged, but it's your burning desire that will push you through. Third, BE CONSISTENT AND PATIENT.

FL: Share with us a few of the comments that you get when girls see you topless.

CL: Some of the comments I get when a girl sees me topless are:

1. Wow! Are you real?

2. You look like a superhero.

3. You are like a Greek god.

FL: And when they find out your actual profession?

1. Stop! You are lying.

2. How do you do it?

3. You are inspiring.

Dwayne Walker - Field of interest: Accounting

Dwayne Walker at 23 years has decided bodybuilding is not a hobby, but his lifestyle. His journey of began in 2011 and his inspiration came from his youthful days. Recalling television series and video games being his main source of entertainment, Walker believes his inspiration to take bodybuilding seriously was because all characters who got attention for saving the day were the prince charmings, or the ones that were strong and muscular. Currently employed to Jamaica National Building Society and studying at the University of Technology, Walker ensures a day never passes without going to the gym for a few hours to train. He enjoys working out and seeing his body transform. By day, he is an HR services clerk, and by night, he's a fitness buff found in the weights room of the Spartan Health Club.

Here's getting to know Dwayne Walker.

Flair (FL): How do you balance going to work, school and the gym?

Dwayne Walker (DW): One thing is for sure, you will always find time for the things you want to do or for the things you find important. The gym must be factored into my daily routine, and since I work nine to five, whether it's before or after work, the gym has to fit. If push comes to shove, I use my lunch hour. However, since starting university, I have structured all my classes to enable me to visit the gym before attending classes. Because Sundays are my rest days, it allows me the time to catch up on studies, house chores and preparation for the week to come.

FL: What do your colleagues at work have to say about your fitness hobby?

DW: This is not a hobby, it's my lifestyle. They see my potential and commend my efforts and hard work because they can relate to my challenges. They also give me recommendations and suggestions to reach my goal.

FL: What reaction do you get from women?

DW: They always ask if they can touch my arms, abs or take a picture with me. Some are often shocked by my profession and age because they believe I am a personal trainer and much older than 23.

FL: What are some tips or tricks to maintain a healthy physique

DW: a. Be willing to do what it takes. You have to have a purpose for wanting to have a healthy, sculpted body;

b. Have a visual of how you desire to look;

c. Surround yourself with people who share a similar goal; add/follow motivational pages/people on social media;

d. Measure and weigh yourself periodically to track your progress;

e. Train hard, train smart, train consistently.