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Qatar having trouble as it tries to host World Cup

Published:Monday | June 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Daviot Kelly
Reggae Boy Rodolph Austin shows the proper way to make a throw-in.file

By Daviot Kelly

I was really trying not to do another football-related column, but quite frankly, with the World Cup going on, I'm not sure anybody's even going to read this one.

The fact is if you've been following the news leading up to this World Cup, you would have heard there have been issues with the next one. Well, not the next one, but rather the NEXT, next one in 2022 in Qatar. First off the bat (or boot), I thought Qatar was a bad idea because of all the talk about the heat that will certainly be a factor in the Arab country (yuh think Brazil hot, check deh so). Then there was talk they may move the World Cup to the cooler months, somewhere around October or November.

Of course that would mean the world's biggest leagues, i.e. England, Spain, Italy and others, would have to shift their seasons, which are usually in full swing at that time. Of course, once you pull up so many leagues it's hard to put them back in line. And, remember the Confederations Cup is usually held in the same host country the year before, so there would have to be some 'fixing up' of schedules from that time too.

After that, I recall talk of migrant workers being mistreated on the work sites and there were reports of more than 200 deaths (remember how much uproar there was at the deaths that were taking place in Brazil? Imagine how Brazilians would have reacted to that). Now there have been allegations from The Sunday Times that it has millions of secret documents, including email, letters and bank transfers, which allegedly show proof that former Qatari football official Mohamed Bin Hammam made payments totalling US$5 million (or £3 million) to football officials so they would support Qatar's bid.

Now, whether there was any wrong-doing, I don't know. Mi neva deh deh when money, allegedly, was dropping. But all I am going to say to FIFA President Sepp Blatter and his delegates is that if yuh did tek mi advice and vote fi Australia, unnu wouldn't inna dis problem now. Even if yuh did choose US it wouldn't so bad because, a) they've hosted a World Cup, and b) football (or soccer) is much more popular there now than it was the first time. But noooo! Y'all had to go for Qatar in the name of 'breaking new ground'. News flash, Australia would have been new ground too. Unnu get what unnu deserve!

Have to leave you with the Reggae Boyz getting whipped by France 8-0. I am going to look beyond that beating and focus on the previous three games (2-1 defeat to Serbia, 1-0 defeat to World Cup-participating Switzerland and 2-2 draw against Egypt). Now we weren't perfect, but there are definite reasons for optimism and for that I say, 'Coach Schäfer, gwaan do yuh ting".

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