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Militant on weight

Published:Monday | June 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Flynn spends six days a week in the gym helping men and women achieve a body like hers. - Photo BY Janet Silvera

Jody-Anne Lawrence • Lifestyle Writer

We all want to get into tip-top shape before the swimwear season comes in, and while some are trying yoga and just heading back to the gym, many are making a militant change through boot camp sessions.

Fitness boot camps have been adapted from the military, and while Jamaica might still be catching on to this trend there are a few gyms and fitness groups that have developed a regime to burn those calories.

Cuthbert's Fitness Studio

Juliet Cuthbert has her own boot camp that is opened to the public on Saturdays. This includes intense training for every individual once they are able to keep up with the process. The aim of the boot camp is to get outside and do something different.

Cuthbert also explained that the constant movement allows for the calories to be burnt faster than a normal gym routine if individuals are consistent. The boot camp does not target a particular weight type. It is mostly dependent on endurance. The boot camp includes jump ropes, tires and cones obstacle courses. For more about their bootcamp sessions they can be located at 6 South Avenue, Shop # 6 Dragon Centre, Kingston, Jamaica.Contact: 908-3444


While RIPT gym is known for its gym expertise, it has also developed a boot camp regime for gym members that would like to participate. This concept was developed to give members a change. Personal trainer Wayne Williams also cosigns with Cuthbert's premise that this aggressive mode of workout tends to show more results in a shorter space of time.

He used the comparison between walking on a treadmill versus walking generally. The movement of the treadmill assists the walking, so you tend to burn less calories than if you walked the same distance yourself.

He also mentioned that people need to pace themselves. Taking someone that does not work out and throwing them into intensive training "is like taking frozen meat out of the freezer putting it in a pot and expecting it to fry". Instead, one should ease into boot camp training, and as a trainer he watches and ensures everyone can manage the exercises and not overexert themselves. For more on RIPT's boot camp sessions, visit their location at 29 East Kings House Road, Shop #7, or contact 631-2466.

Sonic Steppers and Fit Farm

Sonic Steppers is not a boot camp but rather a running group formed under the premise of developing a healthy lifestyle for all its members through running. Thus they developed the tag line, 'Live. Laugh. Run!"

However, there were some strength goals that team members wanted to achieve, and after conducting its own mini boot camps, Steppers solicited the expertise of Fit Farm to achieve these goals. This is something that the team has benefited from.

Fit Farm has its own boot camp that goes on throughout the year. Fit Farm Boot Camp is for persons of all ages with weight challenges to lose unwanted body fat, get fit and gain balance, agility and flexibility while incorporating healthy eating habits, thus catering to the whole person.

Fit Farm Boot Camp allows members to have three personal trainers at their disposal to train in a variety of exercises. These are done outside. This allows persons to work together with people who have the same goals as themselves as well as getting the full attention of personal trainers.

Body type, the individual's weight and any ailments they declare are taken into consideration before starting the programme. This is a priority for them because they want to ensure that individuals can endure the fitness regime. A fit test is done when persons enter the Boot Camp to see what level they currently operate at and to ensure that the appropriate exercises are introduced for the best results.

"We have a large field that has a number of obstacles that suit the needs of our clients. We have stairs, tyres, planks, wood and metal weights, hurdles, monkey bars, benches, and ropes. And coming this summer, we will be erecting a wall, more multifaceted monkey bars, nets and boxing apparatus," Dania Beckford, public relations officer, mentioned.

They will be having their annual Summer Transformation Challenge again this year, starting June 16 through to August 22 - a 10-week programme with intensive training regime. Participants will also be given a healthy eating plan, coupled with their workout. Over the past decade, they have had 70 participants, with one participant losing up to 45 pounds.

Fit Farm Boot Camp is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week, from 5:30 to 6:30, mornings and afternoons. There is also a Saturday Boot Camp class which goes from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Fit Farm is located at 2 Upper Braemar Avenue, Kingston 5. Tel: 978-5111