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Published:Monday | June 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Amoy Barclay
Collin Reid
Kino Dunkley
Lisa Wint
Lorna Vernon
Neil Harrison
Olivia Grange
Orlando Stephenson
Paul Swaby

Who will win today's games?

(Group G) Germany vs Portugal. Time: 1 p.m.

Paul Swaby

I can't predict a score, but Germany will beat Portugal as they have a much better team. This World Cup they should reach the semi-finals and further, Germany is by far the better team.

Orlando Stephenson:

I want Portugal to win by at least 2-0. For me they are the best team in the World Cup. I expect Cristiano Ronaldo to do his best and lead his team to victory.

Neil Harrison:

Germany will beat Portugal 3-1. The Germans have maintained pretty much a young and talented team from last World Cup. I definitely see a top-four finish for them in the tournament.

(Group F) Iran vs Nigeria. Time 4 p.m.

Amoy Barclay

I know Nigeria will win easily against Iran, probably by 3-0. I am rooting for the African nations despite the fact that they didn't get far last World Cup.

Kino Dunkley:

I believe Nigeria will easily beat Iran by about 3-1 because they are a more aggressive team. I've never heard about Iran playing in the World Cup before.

Collin Reid

I know Nigeria will beat Iran 2-0. They have been knocking on the door for a while, so this is the time for them, they will definitely outclass Iran.

(Group G) Ghana vs United States. Time 7 p.m.

Lisa Wint

I know Ghana will win, maybe 1-0. I am rooting for Ghana because they played really well in the last World Cup and have the potential to go forward.

Olivia 'Babsy' Grange

I would say America will beat Ghana by a narrow scoreline. I predict them to win; it's a kind of gut feeling as most of my predictions have proven right so far, from Brazil to Netherlands.

Lorna Vernon

I am going with Ghana to beat the Americans. Ghana 2-0 over America. Ghana is my African team and as a proud Jamaican I am going with them to outplay America.