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Superb dismantling of nutty professor

Published:Tuesday | June 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In one of the most lucid discussions of the University of the West Indies (UWI)/Bain affair I have seen so far ('Has CHART morphed into J-FLAG?'), Alyssa Lindsay has taken apart the attempt by Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine to defend the position of UWI, relative to the sacking of Professor Brendan Bain.

Alyssa is indicated to be a student, but she has clearly bested the professor in clarity of thought and assessment of issues.

I myself was appalled by Professor Belle-Antoine's weak arguments in defence of UWI, as I read her article last week. But I certainly was not able to craft so fine a response, nor to so finely pick apart the major points of Professor Antoine's reasoning.

As I read Professor Antoine's article, I was struck by her poor argumentation, and wondered how she could occupy so distinctive a position at St Augustine's Hugh Wooding Law School.

If a student, possibly not even of law, could produce such a dismantling of the professor's arguments, I wonder what arguments UWI's lawyers will be able to adduce when the suit filed by Professor Bain comes up for hearing.

Maybe Professor Bain's lawyers should ask the judge for a no-case submission right at the start of the proceedings.

Good job, student, Alyssa Lindsay!

Continue to use your God-given talents to show befuddled humanity how to think clearly.



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