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JTA president misguided in booklist row

Published:Wednesday | June 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I think the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) president is out of touch! After being bombarded with 'facts' as to the importance of filling booklists, I left the orientation session and made my way to the bookshop.

I was hesitant because of the costs of the books and my experience of buying books that were not used over the years. Imagine my thoughts when one week later, my child was told by at least three teachers who were present at said orientation session that those books were not necessary. Fortunately, against store policy, I was able to recoup almost $20,000. I had to plead my case and even received vouchers to complete my reimbursement.

On at least two occasions, I gave workbooks that my child hardly used to another child, and at the end of two years and two students using these books, a quarter of those books were not used. They are still on the booklist.

In grade nine, the teacher gave at least 20 pages for homework at a time, but didn't bother to check the books. I spoke to her and was told, "This is not prep school." I told her I am aware of that because had it been a prep school, the policy would be different. I guess I could not say that the book was not used. I could go on.

I hope the JTA is prepared to facilitate these refunds, as I still have a stack, neatly wrapped.


Portmore, St Catherine