Thu | Jun 8, 2023

How natural is gay lifestyle?

Published:Wednesday | June 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am not sure whether homosexuality is learned or inborn, and while I will never condemn or join any effort to harm those who practise that lifestyle, I have some serious misgivings about it. Just from logical reasoning, it appears to me that there has to be something very unnatural about this.

First, in the case of gay men, whether you believe in creation or the doctrine of intelligent design, it appears very evident that the anus/rectum was designed for only one function - dispelling waste/faeces, with all the associated germs and bacteria therein. It doesn't appear that it was ever meant to have something forced into it.

Second, if we ever get to the stage that all the men in the world were having sex with other men (only), after a while, the human race would be on the endangered species list - no children. Yet the irony here is that so many of the MSM want to adopt children. Where do they think the children come from?

The disconnect for me with lesbians is that while most of them do not want to be in any kind of sexual relationship with a man, some of them strap on dildos of various sizes to penetrate their partners.

Go ahead and have your gay sex, but please don't try to convince me that it is natural.


St Mary