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Published:Saturday | June 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
  • Telecoms providers welcome cell phone ban

Telecommunications providers Digicel and LIME have expressed support for new legislation banning the use of electronic devices while driving.

Shelly-Ann Harris, senior communications manager at Digicel, said "As a responsible corporate brand, Digicel supports any legislation that speaks to the safety of all our customers and mobile-phone users in general on the road. We also applaud the Government's vision to protect all road users across Jamaica,".

She added, "Digicel continues to encourage all mobile-phone users to take advantage of hands-free applications on their devices as well as Blue tooth, earphones and any other accessory that ultimately helps them to use the roads responsibly and stay safe."

Elon Parkinson, corporate communications manager at LIME, said "LIME believes that safe driving is more about a driver's behaviour than it is about gadgets. We constantly remind drivers, riders and pedestrians that safety on the road comes first and we also remind them to take all necessary precautions in order to always have a safe experience on the road".

  • Target human traffickers, says  US

The Trafficking in Persons Report 2014 published yesterday by the United States State Department has recommended that the Jamaican Government thoroughly pursue offenders without prejudice.

"Prosecute, convict and punish trafficking offenders, including officials complicit in forced labour or sex trafficking and assist more victims of forced labour and sex trafficking, including prostituted Jamaican children," the report stated.

It was also recommended that the administration should implement government-wide standard operating procedures to guide police, labour inspectors, child-welfare officials, and health workers in the proactive identification of local, as well as foreign victims of forced labour and sex trafficking.

  • Protect boys from early exposure to pornography

The National Family Planning Board (NFPB) is urging parents, especially fathers, to protect their boys from exposure to pornography at an early age.

Chairman of the NFPB, Dr Sandra Knight, said research has been emerging which shows the negative effect that pornography is having on proper brain development in boys.

According to the findings, boys who are exposed to pornography at an early age are less likely to sustain healthy relationships with females, she informed.

  • Ministry mourns tragic death of Central High teacher

The Ministry of Education yesterday dispatched a trauma team to Central High School in May Pen, Clarendon, following the tragic death of Dean of Discipline Marcia Freemantle, who was struck by a motorcar along the Hayes main road early Friday. She was taken to the May Pen Hospital.

A student at the school was also injured in the accident and was treated at the Lionel Town Hospital.

The Ministry of Education expressed condolence to the relatives and colleagues of Ms Freemantle and pledged to provide them with the appropriate psychological support.