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Rural St Andrew residents urged to sanitise water

Published:Saturday | June 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM

FOLLOWING THE detection of unsatisfactory levels of chlorine in the water supply to several communities in rural St Andrew, the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) is strongly advising residents to ensure they use bleach or boil their tap water before consumption.

"SERHA is urging the residents of at least eight communities in rural St Andrew to boil or use bleach to treat water used for domestic purposes such as drinking, brushing teeth and preparation of meals," stated a release from the health authority.

The statement said the residents in the communities of Top Maryland, Woodford, Salisbury Plains and Drummond Reservoir should take extra precaution.

Residents in Rosy River, Cane River Bottom, Drummond Filter Plant and Lawrence Tavern are also being warned to sterilise their water.

Monitoring water quality

The Kingston and St Andrew Health Department said it is monitoring the water quality in those areas and will notify the public when the supply returns to acceptable standards.

"The public will be advised as soon as the water is considered safe for consumption. In the meantime, the region strongly encourages the residents of the affected areas to treat the water they consume in order to prevent water-borne illnesses and maintain good health."

The health department said it will be conducting a targeted education programme to ensure that residents in these areas do not succumb to any water-borne illnesses.

Concerns over the water supply in rural St Andrew came after the Health Department of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation reportedly threatened to list the number of communities that might be affected by the poor water quality.