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'St Andrew water safe' - NWC

Published:Sunday | June 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The National Water Commission (NWC) has admitted that not all the potable water it provided to some communities in rural St Andrew last April met all quality standards.

Responding to reports from the health department of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, the NWC yesterday argued that while some systems in rural St Andrew did not at all times meet the quality standards, negative readings for chlorine do not necessarily mean that the water is not safe.

"A number of factors, including environmental influences, state of existing infrastructure, insecurity of locations, diversion of treatment supplies, attentiveness of attendants, issues in reliability of supplies, and sampling points in relation to treatment locations, have the potential to influence the results of the samples taken for testing," declared the NWC.

The corporation said it has initiated a number of measures to ensure the water quality in all areas of rural St Andrew is of the usual high standard.

These include a review of its operations in respect of the reported affected facilities, a review of arrangements for securing affected sources and other properties, and earmarking funds to begin the process of upgrading works on affected facilities on an emergency basis.

"The National Water Commission assures its valued customers across the island that we remain relentless in our efforts to provide potable water of the highest standard, and that customers will be notified of any water-quality issues which may arise on any system," added the state entity.