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Published:Sunday | June 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dimean Elvin
David Lawrence, Taxi Operator:
Edwin Campbell, Farmer:
Everaldo Bennett, Teacher

Who will win today's games?

Dimean Elvin:

Belgium have a quality side. They are big and strong, so I believe they will beat Algeria 2-1, while the USA will come tough but will feel it against Portugal if Christiano Ronaldo is fit. Portugal will win 2-0.

David Lawrence, Taxi Operator:

Russia are a good team and Belgium are also good, but I like Russia to win 2-1 in that match, but it will not be an easy match for either side. It is the fitter of the two that will prevail and I think that will be the Russians.

Everaldo Bennett, Teacher:

It is easy for me to pick the Belgians to win over Russia because they have English Premier League players in their squad. I think that they will win a high scoring match 3-2. Portugal will be too strong for the USA and will prevail 3-1.

Edwin Campbell, Farmer:

Portugal have some big name players but I am going with the CONCACAF team, and I think the USA are going to win 2-1 and keep the region's teams flying high in Brazil. The USA me say.