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Oils at home

Published:Monday | June 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Pure, natural coconut oil - very helpful in relieving itchy dry skin.
Olive Oil is very good for hydrating the skin and keeping it soft and youthful.

Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

It is often said that nature provides everything we need, and in most cases that is true. For younger-looking supple skin, we need to look no further than castor, coconut and olive oils. Do you ever notice that a few hours after moisturising your skin it still looks dry?

The abovementioned oils are very beneficial to our skin, helping it to look radiant and ageless without the grease and heavy feel. These natural oils provide your skin with vitamin E, which is what our bodies need to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Dermatologist Dr Dian Robinson told Flair, "Oils can be very useful as a good moisturiser in sealing the skin for less water loss." However, she suggests that when using these oils, we should not apply them directly to the skin, but instead mix them with a very creamy lotion.

"Some oils, especially heavy oils such as olive and castor oils can clog your pores, causing an inflammation of the hair follicles. However, this is more likely to happen to people who are very hairy and or shave a lot."

The most common use for olive and coconut oil is in cooking, as they can help lower the risk of heart disease. However, for moisturising purposes, mixing them with lotions will make your skin glow.

For persons with eczema, which is a very common skin condition in tropical countries like Jamaica, Robinson suggests the use of olive oil. She explains that an eczema breakout sometimes happens because the skin is very dry, so to relieve and soothe the itching and burning caused by the condition, proper moisturising is needed.

Cracking and breaking

For those who are diabetic and are not sure how to prevent the cracking and breaking of the skin on their feet, she tells Flair that the use of coconut oil or olive oil with our lotion can help. Apply it at nights, then put on a pair of socks to assist in proper hydration of the feet.

These oils are affordable and can be found in the supermarkets and pharmacies across the island. So take care of your skin and prevent drying, flaking and cracking. Let's keep our skin hydrated and beautiful.