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Shun challenge to traditional family values

Published:Wednesday | June 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM


'Global trends' are currently used to justify a departure from tried and true principles that have served human civilisation well over centuries.

Policymakers must beware of making stunning reversals of what has long been held to be intrinsically right, especially when the majority opposes such trends.

Marriage is no longer restricted to a union between one man and one woman. Alternative families/lifestyles are being advocated under the banner of diversity. Unsafe sexual practices are being defended in the name of human rights, despite indisputable evidence of the loss of health, pain, and suffering caused to individuals, their contacts, and society.

In this context, Jamaica must count the inevitable costs to an already overburdened health service. In the national interest, the health and well-being of the public should be given priority above human-rights interests.

Global trends pose a health risk to our nation. They may be a Trojan horse that can bring about the collapse of our democratic freedoms such as freedom of speech, the choice or will of the majority, and eventually, a democratic society. The termination of Professor Brendan Bain's employment to CHART is another alarming indicator of these trends.

Society must be on the alert.