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Percentage point away from perfection

Published:Thursday | June 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Joshua Grant of Ardenne Preparatory School, the 2013 Spelling Bee winner for St Andrew, receives a hug from Nicole Dillion shortly after winning the parish championship. - FILE

Jodi-Ann Gilpin, Gleaner Writer

Joshua Grant, The Gleaner's Children's Own Spelling Bee 2013 parish champion for St Andrew, was just a percentage point away from achieving a perfect score in this year's Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

Grant, who attends the Ardenne Preparatory and Extension High School, says he has had to practise good time management and that he is driven to do well.

"It wasn't easy. I want to play like every other child, but I had to be disciplined and focused because I know I want nothing less than the best," he declared in an interview with The Gleaner on Tuesday.

"Having to undergo training (Spelling Bee) and study for the exam was a challenge. I had many days when I wanted to cry and give up, but my parents were always there for me and my teachers were very supportive," he said.

Pamela Henry, grade-six teacher, said she was not surprised by Grant's performance as he has always displayed an exceptional work ethic.

Henry added that she was impressed with her students' performances and encouraged teachers to find creative ways of motivating their charges.

"I don't know how he did it, but he certainly did a good job at balancing all areas of his life. He has never been a lazy child, and even when he gets weary, it takes little to get him back on track. He is an exceptional student," she declared.

"I want to encourage our teachers to find innovative ways in helping students alleviate the pressure. The task does get daunting sometimes but we have to always keep our goals in front of us because it can be done," she charged.