Thu | Jun 1, 2023

Disgraceful treatment of fire service

Published:Thursday | June 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I note with grave concern the Auditor General's Report on the Jamaica Fire Brigade tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

This report has disclosed that the Jamaica Fire Brigade, which is an essential service, has been the victim of a severe lack of funding and resources necessary to effectively carry out its work. I was absolutely shocked to discover from the report that, over the last five years, the Fire Brigade received roughly $630 million when it really asked for $5.1 billion for its budget.

It must be noted that the Jamaica Fire Brigade does extraordinary work in our communities and their work must not be underestimated by anyone. It is absolutely shameful that any country dare treat its fire service in the way that Jamaica has treated its Fire Brigade, and these noble men and women deserve their country's respect.

Does Gordon House or Jamaica House or some politician's house have to burn to the ground before the Government addresses this travesty? This supports my thought that the Fire Brigade is the most neglected essential service in this country. Do better, Government. That is, if the IMF allows you to.

Markel Virgo