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Well done, National Gallery

Published:Saturday | June 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM


As the director of the Center for Language and Culture (CLC), a language and cultural-diversity learning space in Kingston, I want to congratulate the National Gallery of Jamaica for the successful staging of the first Cosplay party ever held in the country!

It was held two Saturday nights ago as part of 'Kingdom of Japan', a travelling exhibition sponsored by the Embassy of Japan, showcasing the history and culture of the global phenomenon of anime and manga culture.

As an innovator in cultural exchange, I was very impressed by the event, which required costume making by the attendees, based on manga characters, and a costume parade in which prizes were given for best costume and character performance.

The atmosphere was electric and exciting, and not only brought new audiences into the National Gallery space, but served to create a fusion of Jamaican and Japanese culture through the fans of anime.

It engaged a diverse age group and illustrated the impact of Japanese anime culture on young Jamaicans, and interestingly, the expression of that culture in the context of dancehall and dubstep.

I applaud the National Gallery of Jamaica for stepping up their game and turning what could have been a very ordinary exhibition into a fun and exciting expression of cultural exchange by way of a Cosplay party. I hope it is just the first of many such events, both at the National Gallery of Jamaica, and throughout the wider Jamaica!


Executive DirectorCenter of Language and Culture, Kingston 8