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Tameisha plans to excel at Thompson Town

Published:Saturday | June 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Tameisha Thomas

Tameisha Thomas wasn't exactly thrilled when the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) results were announced at the Chapelton All-Age School last Thursday. She learnt she had passed her examination for Thompson Town High School in north Clarendon. She said her school of choice was Claude McKay High as she has siblings currently attending and that would have helped her to adjust to high school life more easily.

"It's like a family tradition because her older brothers and cousins went to Claude McKay, so that's why she wanted to go there," said mother, Pauline Clarke. She added that her daughter even asked if she could be transferred to Claude McKay High, which she had considered.

Transfer unlikely

However, this request is highly unlikely since Education Minister Ronald Thwaites made it clear that all requests for transfers are to be made through the ministry and will only be granted based on "obvious circumstances".

Clarke said she would do her best to help her daughter adjust to high school life at Thompson Town High.

Pauline Watson Fearon is Tameisha's grade six teacher. She said Tameisha is a late bloomer and would have done better if she had settled down sooner.

Fearon said frequent quizzes and projects are some of the tools she used to prepare her students for the examination. She also used drama, discussions and past papers to help with the preparation process. "The past papers help to expose the students to the material that is likely to come on the exam, so they will feel a little more comfortable going into the exam."

She also had a word of advice for the parents: "Even though the child didn't get into the school of choice, in time, they will boom where they are planted, and anywhere they go, they can make a difference. As long as they are dedicated, they will do well. The parents should pay attention to their children and ensure they do not become demotivated because they did not get into their preferred school."

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