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JFJ trod on kids' human rights

Published:Sunday | June 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon-Harrison said the sex-ed programme breaches could result in tough sanctions. - File

Linton P. Gordon, Guest Columnist

In recent times, members of the gay community have been showing increasing hostility and aggression towards the rest of us who carry on a normal, traditional sex life. They are now receiving support from so-called human-rights advocates who have failed to disclose that they are actually receiving financial and other support from the gay community and that their advocacy of human rights on behalf of the gay community is all part of a policy of encouraging the spread of homosexuality, especially among children and young people.

In this regard, these so-called human-rights advocates are prostituting their commitment to human rights. They join homosexuals in attacking persons who do not support a gay lifestyle. They use their influence to undermine persons at their workplace, such as they have done to Professor Brendan Bain.

It appears that they have now joined forces with the gay community in a policy of destroying anyone who objects to a homosexual lifestyle. This cannot be considered human rights. For it cannot be that any criticism of a way of life should lead to your destruction by those who do not agree with you.

These so-called human-rights advocates have gone abroad and lied in a significant way about Jamaica. Each time a member of the gay community is murdered, they quickly blame the rest of us, even though there is glaring evidence that these murders are gay-on-gay killings.

Human-rights advocates who are receiving financial support from members of the gay community should come clean and admit that they are acting both as a front and as a rearguard for homosexuals. They should cease spreading rumours about the rest of us, as we are not anti-human rights. We just believe that members of the gay community should keep their lifestyle to themselves and not practise this in-your-face attitude to us.

I have said elsewhere that I have no difficulty with our laws being amended to allow consenting adults to do what they want to do in the privacy of their homes. What I am not prepared to tolerate is members of the gay community seeking to portray the rest of us as abnormal and, with the support of these so-called human-right advocates, seek to suggest that anyone who is not a homosexual is anti-gay and, by extension, anti-human rights. This is stark dishonesty.


Members of the gay community need to realise that if they continue their acts of aggression against normal members of society, they should expect a backlash that will have serious consequences for us all.

Homosexuals need to respect our right to live the way we live and to keep their lifestyle to themselves. Any attempts to impose their lifestyle on us, as is being done by the so-called human-rights advocates, will be resisted.

In this regard, the attempt by Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) to teach our children that anal penetration is normal sex is a vulgar and repulsive act of dishonesty on the part of those involved. Anal penetration by the penis is a crime in Jamaica, and persons who went to the homes and attempted to teach children that anal penetration is normal sex were encouraging acts of criminality among our children.

We need to ask the members of JFJ if they are teaching their sons, nephews, grandsons, brothers and fathers that anal penetration is the type of sexual practice they are to indulge in.

Have they been teaching members of their family that anal penetration is what sex is about? Was there a plan by these so-called human-rights advocates to convert these unfortunate boys into a pool of young men available to be exploited by their financiers, who are all members of the gay community?

Is JFJ prepared to admit that in foisting a gay lifestyle on the students at the homes, it violated the human rights of these students?

The Ministry of Education and the Child Development Agency have a duty to ensure that these so-called human-rights advocates are not allowed to enter our institutions and introduce literature to our children which contain statements that homosexual lifestyle is a normal lifestyle. It is not and it should not be imposed on our children.

These so-called human-rights advocates should keep their literature at their homes for their children and grandchildren and should cease giving them to children or persons who are vulnerable.

Linton P. Gordon is an attorney-at-law. Email feedback to columns@gleanerjm.com.