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Make-up Face-off

Published:Sunday | June 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Model Shanice Steer showing off her bridal look by Shaphawna Hylton.
Isabelle Makeup Faceoff Runway Category model Lashawn Mills showing off Casandra Smith's creation.
Model Lashawn Mills showing off her bridal look done by Dominique Mitchell at Isabelle's Makeup Faceoff.
The Fantasy Category look created by Casandra Smith.
Isabelle Makeup Faceoff Fantasy Category, by Shemeka Sterling.
Isabelle Makeup Faceoff Special Effects Category, with Shanice Steer showcasing the aged look by Sue-Ann Gordon.
Lashawn Mills modelling the work of Jehnel Thomas in the Special Effects Category.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

It was a battle of the faces on Sunday, June 2, at Isabelle's Day Spa, as up-and-coming make-up artists used human canvases to create works of art.

Isabelle's Makeup Faceoff is a new interactive make-up competition comprising four categories - bridal, runway, fantasy and special effects, with make-up artists going head-to-head to create the best look in one hour, based on the judges' criteria. These included: cleanliness, sanitation and creativity. The judges' votes amounted to 60 per cent of the final results while the other 40 per cent is open to public voting via Isabelle's social-media platforms. Over the next four weeks, each category will be posted on their Facebook page, each section will be given a week to amass the most votes.

The event had make-up artists Dominique Mitchell and Shaphawna Hylton competing in the bridal category. Both models came out looking fresh and youthful. For the runway, Shanice Fletcher and Casandra Smith went head-to-head. Fletcher showcased colourful, sparkling winged eyes, while Smith did extravagant lashes on her model to highlight the eyes.

When it came to fantasy, the artists were told to pull out all the stops. However, they fell short of the judges' expectations. Shemeka Sterling tried to do a remake of what appeared to be Glenda from the Wizard of Oz, after running into difficulties with her glue. Smith, who was also in the runway section, created a 'Queen'. This was inspired by ladies' chatter about buttons and glitter.


Last was the special-effects segment, which
was highly anticipated. Make-up artists Sue-Ann Gordon and Jehnel Thomas
were asked to make an old versus young transition on the models. Gordon
used make-up to give the illusion of sagging skin while Thomas had the
skin peeling off. There were disappointments on both sides, with Thomas
having too much of a dramatic line in the centre of the face and Gordon
not paying enough attention to details. However, both efforts were well

Director of the competition, Joelle-Raye
Smith, told Outlook that the spa was looking for
something interactive that gave exposure to up-and-coming make-up
artists. Though Isabelle's has a line of its own, this year, the spa has
incorporated Beauty Concepts (Distributors of Black Opal) and Revlon as
sponsors. The winners will receive a make-up kit from Revlon and
publicity through social media such as Facebook, YouTube and

Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance