Sun | Dec 4, 2022

Hypocrisy over sex-ed furore

Published:Monday | June 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


This is a response to Daniel Thwaites' '#BringBackOurBrains' (Sunday Gleaner, June 29, 2014). I am visiting from Calgary, Canada, and was also decidedly unimpressed with the 'Bring Back Our Girls' nonsense. Likewise, the issue of sex education for children who have no parents to teach them. It has nothing to do with the proper education of these children and everything to do with so-called Christian fear of homosexuality.

And on the front page of The Sunday Gleaner (June 29, 2014) is an advertisement (and yes, that is the correct word) for a march on HWT. So, people, if this is an election issue, who are you going to vote for if the Government and Opposition do the right thing and in the spirit of bipartisan ship vote down your antiquated buggery laws?


Alberta, Canada