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Tech problem of the week

Published:Monday | June 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Tech question of the week

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Written and compiled byKareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Do you think there are any industries that can survive without switching to a technology-based system?

Kingsley Tomas: The only industries that can survive using technology to monitor their business and clientele is street-side 'higglering'. And even they too have found ways to use technology such as smartphones to calculate and balance income and expenses. It seems that if an individual does not acquire the basic knowledge of computer programmes and operation then it will be harder to find work and if already employed, may be released or destroy the business he or she is involved in.

Where is the password to the wireless network router?

Why you need to know

Wi-Fi passwords help to maintain the security of the network from preventing intruders from stealing or slowing down data usage and accessing personal files on devices connected to the network. But it is important to frequently change the password so only individuals that are granted access can use the bandwidth and stay safe. Sometimes finding the password can be a task.

What you will need

Access to the wireless router

A computer/wireless-connected device

How to get it done

The information sticker on the wireless router may make finding the password easier. Some wireless routers have the default passwords imprinted on the bottom side of the device and it is also noted in the documentation received with most routers. This may be referred to as the Security Key or Wireless Key (WPA, WPA2 or WEP). However, if the information is illegible then open a new page in the browser and type in the IP address (usually 192.168.1). Most IP addresses follow the general numerical series ending with 0, 1 or 2 in common routers. Enter the user account log-in information, but the default name and password may be 'Admin' and 'Password', respectively. Go directly to the settings and find the security-key option to view or change the password. Enter the new code of your choice, save, log out of the account and close the page before restarting the computer.

An easier method specifically for Windows users is to open the computer's 'Control Panel', click on the 'Network and Sharing Center' to view the basic network and set-up information. The name of the router or network should be visible at the option titled 'Connections' Click on the title once, which takes you to the 'Wi-Fi Status General' window. Go to 'Wireless Properties' (most likely located in the right-hand corner of the window) and select the 'Security' tab. By the armour-shaped icon is the checkbox that gives users the options to 'Show Characters', check it and the password should now be visible. Placing the cursor within the 'Network Security Key' checkbox will automatically erase the characters for the user to replace it. Cancel and close the window if this is not what you had planned to do.

Helpful links:

http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/networking-and-connectivi... or http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-find-your-wi-fi-password/

Viss for Android

What's Viss? That's the question you will be asking when you download the app. Although Viss is not for everyone it is a great way to connect with style entrepreneurs, lovers and trendsetters. If you are always taking selfies and hash-tagging your #OTD (outfit of the day), then you won't be disappointed with this app. The application is based in Hong Kong and many users are in Asian countries. However, more users are signing up for Viss because by sharing looks and outfits for sale, money can be made. Viss is given 4 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

Stylekick for Apple (iPhone)

Stylekick launched an updated fashion platform on iPhone last August and has recently updated to version 2.0.3. It is a personal stylist and shopping website that blogs about the latest trends in fashion. Version 2.0.3 allows users to view by the listed fashionistas/designers with thousands of new looks, as well as supports social media activity such as sharing and viewing posts, comments and images. In this new version, Apple iPhone users that sign up receive recommendations based on their style and likes on the looks posted. It has a 'shop the look' feature that also discusses specific items, prices, brands and even comments on where to find them. Stylekick is like a social network for fashion followers. It is available for free and is optimised for iPhone 5 but users must have iOS 7 installed.

GQ Pocket for BlackBerry

Fashion or social network apps surrounding style are limited on BlackBerry. However, GQ Pocket is available for BlackBerry 10 users. The application is as the name states, a pocket magazine for readers. Male fashionistas can enjoy a direct share of information on fashion trends, tips and other topics fit for the everyday male. The app will note the inclination of the users and make certain posts priority. Unfortunately, the app only works efficiently on BlackBerry 10 devices and takes up about 5MB of memory or more depending on the bookmarks stored by the user.