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LETTER OF THE DAY - Many Christians do good in the shadows

Published:Tuesday | July 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am truly annoyed at some of the comments of persons who keep reiterating that the Church is not focused on more 'pressing' issues.

Where are some of these people making such statements when Christians are working every day in the heart of many of Jamaica's inner cities and ghettos, risking their lives every day to give children a chance at an education, giving gangsters training to seek a better route than violence, giving hope to teenage mothers, running parenting seminars, promoting healthy lifestyles and teaching life skills?

Where are these persons when Christians are on the streets in the late hours speaking life into drug addicts and prostitutes, and giving them practical options in order to give up unhealthy and unsafe practices?

Where are these persons when Christians are going into the prisons to empower men and women? Where are these persons when people come off the streets at their wits' end and all they can do is say, "Pastor, pray fi mi?" When Pastor prays for some and things turn around, Pastor cannot see many of them again.

Going unnoticed

Many pastors and counsellors work for long hours and days, barely making it financially just to ensure that people in our nation have enough strength to face another day.

Nevertheless, many Jamaicans - pastors or otherwise - go unnoticed, never getting a medal, trophy, commendation or a pat on the back. Instead, in silence they endure these hurtful comments and statements by persons in cyberspace and otherwise.

The Church is not a police force or government agency; it cannot do everything. Changing our nation is not a church matter, it is a Jamaican matter. We all have to work together, seeing that we are all suffering together, sharing the same pain and struggles.


Kingston 7