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Church needs to grow the hell up

Published:Tuesday | July 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


There is no other issue that gets the Church in a frenzy than dealing with gay rights. Never mind the Bible teaches love your neighbour as yourself and let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

The issue of homosexuality is one that seems to be the bane of all Christians' experience. Never mind that we have one of the highest murder rates in the world. Never mind that there is significant human trafficking in Jamaica and a lot of it involves children. Just last week, the United States announced that Jamaica was not doing enough to protect our children, some of whom are begging in the streets, dancing in the clubs and having sex with adult men. It went unnoticed by the Church.

I pray none of those neglected children belong to any of the churches I saw blocking Half-Way Tree (HWT) Square, reducing traffic to a crawl. I could not get to go about my lawful business, no matter the road I turned. How Christian-like of them!

Coming on the heels of Brendan Bain's separation and subsequent reinstatement to the CHART programme, the Church not only felt that the moral fibre of the country was under attack but it felt energised by the reinstatement of Bain. Church power!

It was irrelevant what the issue for Bain's removal was in that he who leads a programme to lead discrimination against a particular group may be equally guilty of perpetuating the discrimination. That issue was lost because the Church smelled another issue - homosexuality.

The Catholic Church also announced last week it was finally going to settle with those victims of child sex abuse by priests (most cases being gay priests). I trust no Catholic was in HWT this past Sunday.

I am deeply troubled by the hypocrisy of our churches and our church leaders. We stand on high moral ground (picking plums) while our firearms get stolen. We preach with forked tongues about righteousness while sharing a vehicle with a fugitive.

The Church needs to speak with one voice of tolerance and love. Unfortunately, the Church appears to be the bastion of discrimination and intolerance and I can only wonder when that Bastille, too, will fall.