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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | July 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


'Vulture' truck

1. Supposedly, it is all about sanitation. However, how cute is it to name a garbage truck 'vulture'? Amazing sense of humour among Jamaicans.

Scarce dollars

2. So where will the dollar end in an effort to correct it? Right now, some business people have to be devising creative ways of getting imported inputs for their plants for they are having a hard time sourcing funds.The only people who benefit from a sinking dollar are the foreign suppliers.

Green-Card marriage

3. Another green-card marriage in the bag. It is amazing how many middle-class students are seeking to change their student status by latching on to a citizen who will guarantee their stay in Uncle Sam country.

CEO trouble

4. Another CEO is about to get the boot. It seems not only the men are guilty of sexual harassment. In recent times, there have been several reports of women making not-so-subtle moves on female workers. Things came to a roaring crescendo at a so-called Christian organisation a month ago, and there is every indication that a 'resignation' is expected soon.