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The Sheriff's in town

Published:Thursday | July 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Succulent apple hog ready for cutting.
Rosemary Rabbit being grilled to perfection.
Garlic molasses deer garnished with sweet peppers. - Contributed Photos

Rochelle Keane, Lifestyle Writer

It's barbecue time - the season of smoking grills and sizzling meats. So take out the grills, dust them off, get your tools and your sauces. But if that's too much work, then maybe you need to meet The Sheriff.

You know when you're having a meal that is so delicious, you savour every bite you take? The Sheriff - David Bucknor - can feed your appetite with his hearty array of barbecues dishes.

As the founder and head chef of The Sheriff Gourmet BBQ, Bucknor is one man who's not afraid to experiment with non-traditional dishes.

The Sheriff's menu has an array of dishes from barbecued chicken to what he calls "whole-roasted beasts". Tackling these beasts is one thing, but creating a delectable meal out of them is something only The Sheriff can do. Forget about the usual chicken, pork or ribs as Bucknor's selection is anything but ordinary - apple hog, tamarind lamb, garlic molasses, deer and rosemary rabbit; these are all prepared with his signature dry rubs.

Bucknor tells Food that to season the rabbit, he uses salt, black pepper and crushed pimento. Of course, depending on the meat, there are some variations, as he tells Food the deer meat works great with fresh sweet peppers, onions, thyme and scallion.

This master of the grill cooks his lamb at high temperature and finishes the meat at medium rare; the rabbit is done at a medium temperature, and the deer is seared on high temperatures then finished with a medium temperature, as is the beef tenderloin. When being catered to by The Sheriff, his roasted country-style side dishes are all from Jamaica - breadfruit, sweet potato, yam, ripe plantain and Irish potato.


His meats are not the things you barbecue at home everyday, so this just goes to show that you can experiment and add some spice to your life and taste buds with unusual things and still have a good time exposing, entertaining and feeding your friends with new dishes.

Don't think it's over with just having these meats on the grill. Bucknor uses his seven signature sauces, which include Sheriff Dusty Trail Cloves, Flirting Geisha Lychee Sauce and Mento Band Pimento Sauce to give his food that exquisite finish. And just like his unique choice of meat, the ingredients for his sauces are also out of the box: Ragu, white rum and gold rum. Have you ever added that to your sauce?

This summer, try new things on your grill. You may not be able to go for deer or lamb, but experiment with meats, fruits, sauces - you may surprise yourself. Be anything but mundane. Have a happy barbecue!