Sun | Jan 16, 2022

Do not target only one group

Published:Thursday | July 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM


If CAUSE (Church Action Uniting Society for Emancipation) is to be taken seriously and not seen as operating on some agenda, then they must not only target one identifiable group, but their brush must cover others as well. Others that, I dare say, are even more damaging to Jamaica, and who could well have been well represented at Half-Way Tree as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

This rally on Sunday was staged in the name of democracy, say the organisers, and, therefore, should now target the heterosexual community who are responsible for a disproportionate per cent of our crime.

So then, CAUSE, how about another rally that will target those men making Jamaica hell on earth for our women and children? Paedophiles who think they must have sex with children, incest, child labour and prostitution, kidnapping, teen pregnancy, domestic and spousal abuse, murderers, sexual harassment at the workplace, poverty, sperm donors who neglect their children.

To target the buggery law and ignore the anguish of the most vulnerable, suffered at the hands of our heterosexual males, is to continue to give our men a free passage to sexual and physical domination.

The flag-waving support shown in Half-Way Tree is a strong indication that Jamaicans are willing to make things right. We must therefore tap into this resource and give the people a reason to stand up and take back this country, not from one, but from all who seek to hold us prisoners.

Will this cry fall on deaf ears, or will the church leaders and others take the challenge to rally their troops for all Jamaica and not just against some?

Out of many, we are one.