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$293-million public disgrace

Published:Thursday | July 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In this country we waste billions of dollars and then go to the IMF to get more for wastage. Where is the production?

Now someone has to be held responsible for this particular issue. Over the last three months while passing the Downtown Transportation Centre over the section that should be for taxis, I noticed the removal of louvre windows and also doors. Just recently, passing the centre I noticed missing chain link fencing. Now, what really is happening here? A project that initially should cost $61 million turned out to be approximately $293 million and now parts of the construction are missing. Someone needs to be held accountable. Where is the UDC management?

There is great talk about the development of downtown Kingston and this idea is quite welcomed; however, if the man in the street is not involved then this vision will quite likely fail.

Take, for instance, if a portion of this $293 million were spent on a building or two and furnished with top-of-the-class printing technology and a few youngsters from the streets trained and employed, then we could have made our own flags for local and export markets and put pressure on other entities and countries that are printing fraud Jamaican flags and defend Brand Jamaica.

This is the height of madness and someone needs to give good answers.