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Pryce accuses insurance sector of discrimination

Published:Friday | July 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

NORTH EAST St Elizabeth Member of Parliament (MP) Raymond Pryce has given notice that he will take a private member's motion to Parliament to deal with discriminatory practices by the insurance industry.

He told his parliamentary colleagues on Wednesday that some members of the sector are refusing to provide certain categories of persons with motor vehicle insurance.

Pryce said politicians, their relatives and close associates, as well as taxi and bus operators have been experiencing challenges when they attempt to get insurance, whether health, life or motor vehicle.

According to Pryce, these categories of persons are required to list their relatives, dependents, and close associates.

In his contribution to the Sectoral Debate, the North East St Elizabeth MP questioned: "What gives insurance companies the right to infringe on freedom of association?"

He asked if teachers, journalists, members of the clergy and Rotarians have the same experience.

Further, the MP queried: "Is the insurance sector saying that, as a politician or the relative of a politician, we are to be treated any differently than any other consumer"?

He wants the Insurance Association of Jamaica to state whether there is fairness of trade with respect to taxi operators, bus drivers and politicians and members of the families of politicians and close associates of politicians and members of Parliament.

According to Pryce, if responses to his queries are not forthcoming, by the time Parliament goes off on summer break, he will table a private member's motion to address the issue when the House of Representatives resumes sittings in September.

He said the motion will also ask for a review of the constitutionality of refusing any consumer insurance because of a relative's profession.