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Fire fiasco in Mandeville

Published:Saturday | July 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The church on Caledonia Road in Mandeville that was badly burnt on Wednesday brings to light the importance of having responsible and effective government in power.

It is really sad that a major town like Mandeville does not have a proper fire engine in place for such emergencies. How can our people continue to be lawful citizens if our taxes are not being used to serve the basic needs of our nation. At some point, our frustrations will bring about revolution.

On the lighter side of things, some friends of mine got unconfirmed reports that the fire was a revenge act to the churches' stance against the homosexual agenda which sparked a massive rally in Half-Way Tree on Sunday.

How did they know that was so? They said the fire was probably started by assonists (arsonists) and they may have entered the property from the rear.