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Unregulated crematoriums a cause for concern

Published:Saturday | July 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The article published under the caption 'Conmen 'urn' from ashes' in The Sunday Gleaner of June 8, 2014 raised issues of grave concern to me.

Indeed, if it is true that there are only three licensed crematorium operators in Jamaica and yet there are many who, without such licence, not only operate as crematoriums, but are advertised to the public as such, there is cause for serious concern.

My alarm has to do with the potential for innumerable criminal activities that are opened up by unlicensed, unregulated crematoriums. The captioned article highlighted situations where it was suspected that the ashes received were not of the body delivered for cremation.

The shocking question that would arise is, where is the body that was delivered to the crematorium? Was it chopped up fine and fed to animals? Was it dumped at sea? Was it buried in someone's backyard? Was it dumped in a pit? The questions can arise as many times as there is time to speculate.

It can be easily appreciated that unlicensed cremation businesses would be more prone to exploitation than those licensed. It cannot be far-fetched to consider the possibility of the criminal underworld using these unregulated crematoriums to get rid of their victims.

If we are serious about containing crime in Jamaica, then our legislators need to, in light of the foregoing information and consideration, act now to properly regulate the cremation business.


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