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Joanne Roosevelt a jewel in NCB's crown

Published:Saturday | July 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I had an unfortunate incident at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Ocho Rios branch some time ago that had seriously threatened my client relations with the institution. The tactful, persistent and courteous efforts of Mr Prince Myers (branch manager) and the welcoming spirit of Ms Peta-Gaye Rodney (operations manager) have softened my stance over an extended period of time.

Eventually, the transaction was readily facilitated, which has led me to resume banking with NCB again. Thank you!

I hasten to say NCB has got another jewel in its crown. This time, I'm referring to Ms Joanne Roosevelt, teller at the St Ann's Bay branch.

It was on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, that I went to change a zillion coins. It was my first time changing coins at the bank. Little did I know one cannot just exchange coins for dollars at the bank. One has to have an account with the bank to which the coins are lodged, then you make a withdrawal, if you so desire. I'm not sure if this is the policy with every bank, but I thought, 'how odd!'

The substance of the matter, however, is that there were a couple of other contending issues during the transaction that were about to frustrate me terribly, and I knew this time I would have definitely called it quits with NCB.

Needless to say, nothing to that effect found its way into my consciousness. Not even to verbalise for a second, all because Ms Roosevelt's incredible professionalism and applied intelligence to the given situation served the need to facilitate what could be easily described as the 'ultimate customer service satisfaction' moment.

Not only did she exude a warm demeanour, but she went beyond and made my day. So, a very special thanks, Ms Roosevelt. You are deserving of a promotion!

In retrospect, I hope never to come across another in the NCB banking fold who is totally ignorant of the reality that true customer satisfaction - in any business, for that matter - is king!